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Francesca Filpi, Royal Ballet, ARAD, FISTD


Inspiring ballet classes and retreats 


All ages and standards are welcome
with a wide open ´port de bras´!


I hope that in my classes you will find a space that you can come and just be yourself…there is no judgement, no expectation. My mission is that you will be inspired; transported by the joy of dance, and moving to exquisite music. Each person will come to the retreat/class for a different reason, and therefore take something different away with them.  Some will want to work on technique, some will want pure escapism. Small classes will allow everyone to progress at their own rhythm, with no pressure!


My classes are not ´fitness´ classes ( though the physical and emotional benefits of dance are immeasurable!) There is no

´type´ of person for whom ballet is suitable. There is no such thing as a dancer’s body. All you need is the enthusiasm to have a go! So stop making excuses...come and join me in my Ballet Bubble! You just don’t know what you might be missing out on…



Cadiz province, Spain

Inspiring ballet retreats for all standards, held since 2013 at Dar Danse, Morocco, and now here at our family Finca in the Cadiz province. These can be combined with a relaxing holiday in the Spanish sunshine, and perhaps even the opportunity to explore Cadiz, Seville, deserted beaches, and beautiful mountain villages. Accommodation is available on site, set within the beautiful Finca gardens. 


More info COMING SOON...!


Regular weekly classes for adults at my private studio in the Cadiz province, Spain. Various sessions for different standards, so that everyone can progress at their own rhythm. 

Please do email me to let me know your requirements, and for more information. 



If you feel you would like to catch up, progress fast, or the dates of the retreats just don’t work for you, then one-to-one coaching may be a good option! This can be combined with a holiday here at our Finca. You may even like to gather together a little group of like-minded friends for a special tailor-made get-away! We will do our best to offer a personalised programme in an exclusive, inspiring environment. 

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