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Francesca Filpi
Royal Ballet dancer, ARAD, FISTD


¨Dancing with Francesca is totally liberating!¨ (KS Adult Ballet)


¨Francesca is as beautiful in person, as she is to watch and I am constantly in awe! She is the most kind, caring and encouraging teacher who really wants to help us individually to improve, and she does it in such lovely way with a constant smile, and breaks down any fear of feeling inadequate or self-conscious.  Everyone just relaxes into it and we all end up learning and laughing and somehow producing an amazing performance at the end of the week!¨

RC ( Adult Ballet Retreat) 

¨I have always been a very nervous and self-conscious sort of person, but Francesca made me see a whole other side to myself!¨ (RB Ballet student)

¨Your kindness and encouragement was the beginning of mending my soul and heart¨ (SS Ballet student)

¨I can't tell you how much I loved your classes! Your passion for what you do is totally infectious and a real joy to be a part of.¨(AE Adult Ballet)

¨Your patience with an old crock was truly heartwarming. I shall never forget these hours in the studio with you!¨ (EC Adult Ballet) 

¨The atmosphere you foster is truly unique and my daughter completely came out of her shell....I can´t thank you enough for the most magical week. ¨ (DR Parent)

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