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Francesca Filpi, Royal Ballet, ARAD, FISTD


The ¨Ballet Bubble´ was a term coined by some of my students, to describe the ´happy place´ that our classes created in their minds.


Ballet was my career for several decades, and indeed has been my whole life - I can´t remember a time when I didn´t dance! However until I stopped performing professionally, I never quite realised what a privilege it was to be able to immerse myself in something that would lift me up and away from the mundane, nitty gritty of daily life.


When I left The Royal Ballet, I was already teaching vocational students, who wanted to make ballet their career, so decided to share this love of dance with adults too, who had no ( or long since given up!) aspirations of becoming ballet dancers...


Thus my ballet retreats were born! I now teach a wide range of participants - not just aspiring students, but also adults who have never danced a step in their lives and are very nervous...those who have always dreamt of dancing but life got in the way….and those that live and breathe dance and can’t get enough of it. I find it an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience.


The aim of the retreats is to disconnect from the relentless pace of everyday life, and allow you to focus on what you want to achieve. Each person will come for a different reason, and therefore take something different away with them. Adults may come for pure escapism, students because they feel emotionally stuck in a rut, and in need of a confidence boost.


All are welcomed with a wide open ´port de bras´... I can´t wait for you to join me in my Ballet Bubble!




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